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In the 28th imperial year, eight years after the death of Emperor Walter, the galaxy was thrown into turmoil. In the far reaches of the Asha Galaxy, the star system known as "Nirsh" became a hotbed of rebellion. The Free Nirsh Army, a formidable force of insurgents, began their campaign to seize control of the system, driven by a desire for freedom and independence from the empire's rule.

On the moon Sirina, orbiting the planet Mikapis, an industrial military base stood as a beacon of the empire's strength and technological prowess. This base was a hub for critical research and development, pivotal to maintaining the empire's dominance. The rebels, well aware of its significance, amassed their forces and launched a devastating assault on Sirina.

The imperial forces, caught off guard by the intensity of the attack, had no choice but to evacuate the base. In a desperate bid to deny the rebels access to valuable technology and information, the order was given to destroy the base. Amidst the chaos and destruction, a crucial piece of intelligence was inadvertently left behind, and the fate of the empire now hinged on its retrieval.

Asha Empire: Exodus places players in the heart-pounding final hours of this evacuation. As Commander Rexis or Commander Kyra, players are tasked with a mission of paramount importance: to infiltrate the overrun base, secure the vital data, and make their way to the evacuation ship. The base, now crawling with rebel forces, poses a deadly challenge at every turn.

Time is running out. The imperial fleet awaits in orbit, ready to commence a bombardment to obliterate the base and its secrets. The success of this mission will not only save countless lives but also ensure the empire retains its technological edge in the ongoing conflict.

Players must navigate treacherous corridors, engage in intense combat, and outsmart the rebels to complete their mission. The fate of the empire lies in their hands, and every decision could mean the difference between triumph and annihilation.

One year after this harrowing evacuation, Queen Naina led a decisive campaign against the Free Nirsh Army. Through her unparalleled leadership and strategic acumen, she managed to crush the insurgents and bring the entire Nirsh star system back under imperial control. The victory solidified her legacy and restored stability to the empire, ensuring that the sacrifices made on Sirina were not in vain.

Will you rise to the challenge and secure a future for the empire, or will the rebels' defiance mark the end of an era? The clock is ticking in Asha Empire: Exodus.