Asha Empire Wiki

In the year 3001, a new era was dawning for the Asha Empire. Emperor Walter Friessner had achieved victories in the Viridis system and established stability on the planet Novus. Yet, there remained a void in the emperor's heart. After intense meetings at the imperial palace, Walter would take evening strolls to enjoy the cool spring nights on Novus. On one of those evenings, fate would introduce him to a profound love.

That night, as Walter walked through the palace gardens, his eyes lost in the stars, he noticed a figure at the other end of the garden. A beautiful, graceful woman was gazing at the sky, murmuring softly. This woman was Maria (Mia), the daughter of a German colonial family and a skilled general in the imperial army. Walter was drawn to Mia's serene presence and approached her.

"The stars are so beautiful, aren't they?" Walter asked. Mia recognized the emperor's voice and smiled gently. "Yes, Your Majesty. The stars always give us hope."

"Night walks are perfect for unwinding after a long day," Walter continued. "Meeting someone like you this evening is a rare fortune."

Mia nodded politely. "It is an honor to meet you, Your Majesty."

That night, a mutual interest and admiration began to blossom between Mia and Walter. They spent more and more time together, planning and getting to know each other better. Walter was captivated by Mia's intelligence and courage.

The Birth of Love:
Emperor Walter began taking Mia everywhere with him. The turning point came during a mission to quell an uprising on Somaia, a moon of Gamma Cephei in the Cepheus system. During this operation, Mia saved Walter's life at the cost of her own safety.

In the heat of the rebellion, Walter and Mia were ambushed by insurgents who had planted a powerful explosive near the emperor. The blast occurred close to Walter, severely injuring him. While the surrounding soldiers panicked, Mia remained calm and rushed to Walter's side.

"Walter, hold on! I’ll get you out of here," Mia whispered, her hands trembling as she checked his wounds.

"Mia, don't put yourself in danger," Walter said, struggling to breathe.

"It’s my duty to protect you, no matter what," Mia replied with determination. In the line of insurgent fire, Mia fought to get Walter to safety, risking her own life to shield him from harm.

This incident made Walter realize his deep love for Mia. Similarly, Mia recognized her love for Walter. They had forged an unbreakable bond by saving each other's lives.

By 3002, Walter and Mia were deeply in love. They married in a magnificent ceremony at the Imperial Palace on the planet Novus in the Viridis system. This union was not only the merging of two souls but also a symbol for the Asha Empire.

The palace gardens were adorned with meticulously arranged flowers and sparkling lights. On that cool evening, hundreds of guests gathered to celebrate the imperial family's joyous day. Important guests from various planets, military commanders, and high-ranking officials attended the ceremony. People across the galaxy watched the wedding on screens and participated in celebrations where they were.

Mia wore an elegant gown embroidered with white and gold. Her hair was adorned with small flowers and jewels, and her face radiated happiness. Walter, in his most formal imperial uniform, stood beside Mia with eyes full of deep love and commitment.

"This is the happiest day of my life," Walter said, holding Mia’s hand.

"It’s the same for me, Walter," Mia replied, her eyes glistening. "Together, we will make our empire even stronger."

The ceremony followed traditional Asha Empire rituals. They pledged their commitment to the empire's future, a vow that was met with great enthusiasm by the guests. Mia and Walter sealed their love and commitment with their vows. After the ceremony, a grand celebration ensued. Guests danced to music, enjoyed delicacies from various planets, and congratulated the newlyweds.

This marriage was a significant morale boost for the people. Walter and Mia’s love and unity became a beacon of hope and inspiration for the empire. The people believed that this strong and determined couple would lead the empire to greater heights.

Following the wedding, Walter and Mia traveled to Zephyrus, a moon of Elandra in the Zorath System, for their honeymoon. Known for its paradise-like nature and peaceful atmosphere, Zephyrus was a popular tourist destination. The couple enjoyed a serene and romantic getaway.

Zephyrus, with its lush forests, clear lakes, and white sandy beaches, was a true paradise. Walter and Mia spent their days walking through the forests, swimming in the lakes, and relaxing on the beaches.

"Mia, this place is truly magnificent. Being here with you makes all the hardships disappear," Walter said as they sat by the lake.

"This is just for us, Walter. Our own paradise," Mia replied, resting her head on Walter’s shoulder.

In the evenings, they dined romantically under the stars, cherishing their time together. These moments were the happiest of their lives. Free from the burdens of war and the empire, they focused solely on each other.

Walter felt complete with Mia by his side. "Every moment with you is the most precious of my life," he said, holding Mia’s hands.

"I feel the same way, Walter. Together, we can overcome anything," Mia said, smiling.

This peaceful honeymoon on Zephyrus strengthened their love and prepared them to face future challenges together.

Naina’s Birth:
In 3003, their happiness was crowned with the birth of a healthy baby girl at their family farmhouse on Novus. They named her Naina. As their first child, Naina solidified their family. She grew up as the hope of her family and the empire.

Walter showed his love for his daughter at every opportunity. Her smile was the most precious thing in the world to him. "Naina, you are our light," Walter would say, holding her in his arms.

Mia, balancing her roles as a mother and a general, devoted herself to her duties. After intense workdays at the imperial palace, Mia made every effort to spend time with her daughter. "Naina, your mother loves you very much," Mia would say, kissing her daughter. Time spent at the family farm strengthened their bond.

Naina’s birth further solidified Walter and Mia’s marriage. Their love deepened with Naina’s presence. The family became a source of hope and inspiration for the empire’s future. As Naina grew, she inherited her mother’s courage and her father’s leadership abilities.

Tragic Loss:
However, 3004 brought great tragedy to the Friessner family. Mia was killed in an ambush during a military operation in the Cepheus system. At the time, Mia was pregnant with their second child, intensifying Walter’s grief. Enemy forces had orchestrated this ambush, exploiting Mia’s leadership skills and Walter’s deep attachment to her. Mia fought bravely until her last breath, protecting her soldiers.

When Walter received the news of Mia’s death, his world collapsed. "Mia, losing you and our unborn child... how can I bear this pain?" Walter cried, tears streaming down his face.

He struggled to regain his composure, but Naina’s presence gave him strength. "Father, mother is always with us, isn’t she?" little Naina asked, wiping her father’s tears.

"Yes, my sweet. Your mother will always be with us," Walter replied, hugging his daughter. Determined to honor Mia’s legacy and raise Naina, Walter commissioned a grand monument on Novus in Mia’s memory, symbolizing the people’s love and respect for her.

While coping with Mia’s loss, Walter continued to strengthen the empire. Mia’s courage and leadership remained his inspiration. As Naina grew, she followed in her mother’s footsteps, supporting her father. "Father, one day I will be as brave as mother," Naina said with determination.

"I believe in you, Naina. You are our future," Walter said, looking at his daughter with pride.

Walter remained devoted to Mia’s memory, governing the empire with justice and peace. However, this tragic event made his approach towards rebels much harsher.