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The people of the Asha Empire were up in arms. They had heard the rumors that Emperor Walter was planning to change the starting point of the calendar, and they were not happy about it. The calendar had been in place for generations, and the people saw no reason to change it now.

Despite the protests and rebellions that broke out across the land, Emperor Walter refused to back down. He saw himself as a despot, with complete control over his subjects, and he was not going to let them dictate his actions. He ordered his troops to suppress the riots, and he maintained his stance on the new calendar.

At first, the people tried to resist peacefully. They organized protests and marches, but these were quickly and brutally crushed by the emperor's forces. Some even tried to fight back with violence, but their weapons were no match for the emperor's army.

The new calendar was implemented, and life in the empire continued as usual. But there was a feeling of unease among the people. They felt that their voices had not been heard, and that their leader was not interested in their opinions or well-being.

Years passed, and the emperor grew more and more tyrannical. He became feared by the people, and his rule was marked by oppression and cruelty. But the memory of the calendar change stayed with the people, serving as a reminder of the emperor's power and disregard for their rights.

Finally, the people could take it no longer. They rose up in rebellion, determined to overthrow the despot and establish a new, just government. The battle was short but bloody, but in the end, the people emerged victorious. They tore down the old calendar and started anew, with a newfound sense of freedom and hope for the future.