Asha Empire Wiki

Asha Empire Online, a groundbreaking MMORPG set in a vast galaxy, introduces a dynamic Security Rating system that adds depth and realism to its universe. This system profoundly impacts gameplay, influencing everything from player interactions to economic opportunities. Let's explore how this system works and what it means for players in the Asha Galaxy.

Understanding the Security Rating

In Asha Empire Online, each star system, station, moon, planet, and region has a Security Rating ranging from 0 to 10. This rating is crucial for players to understand as it dictates the safety and law enforcement level in each area.

The Spectrum of Security

Areas with a Security Rating of 0 are the least secure, often lawless and fraught with danger. These areas are outside the Empire's control, meaning events occurring here go unnoticed by imperial forces. On the other end, locations with a rating of 10 are highly secure, heavily monitored and patrolled by the Empire's forces.

Avatar Security Ratings: Reputation and Consequences

Avatars in Asha Empire Online also possess a personal Security Rating, reflecting their actions and reputation within the galaxy.

Rising Through the Ranks

Players can increase their avatar's Security Rating by hunting down outlaws and fugitives. This rating is a badge of honor, signifying the player's commitment to upholding law and order.

The Cost of Crime

Conversely, engaging in illegal activities, especially in areas with a Security Rating of 5 or higher, will lead to a decrease in an avatar's Security Rating. High-security zones are closely monitored by the Empire, and any criminal actions will not go unnoticed.

Access and Restrictions Based on Security Ratings

One's Security Rating is not just a number; it dictates where an avatar can travel. Avatars are barred from entering areas with a Security Rating higher than their own, though this rule applies only to areas with a rating of 5 or above.

Law Enforcement and Player Actions

In high-security zones, the Empire's forces actively respond to illegal activities. If law enforcement is nearby, they will intervene to stop the crime. However, if the Empire's forces cannot prevent the illegal act or are not present, the perpetrator's Security Rating will start to decline.

Economic Implications: Banking and Credit

The Security Rating system extends its influence to the game's economy, particularly in banking and credit.

Credit and Loans

Avatars looking to take out loans from banks within the game will find that their Security Rating significantly affects the outcome. The interest rates and approval of loans are inversely proportional to the avatar's Security Rating, adding a layer of financial strategy to the gameplay.

Conclusion: A Living, Breathing Galaxy

The Security Rating system in Asha Empire Online is more than a feature; it's a living component of the game's universe. It influences player decisions, adds stakes to actions, and brings a level of depth to the gaming experience. This system ensures that every player's actions have consequences, making the Asha Galaxy a dynamic and ever-evolving world.