Asha Empire Wiki

Asha Empire Credit (AEC) is the currency used within the game. All assets in the game can be bought and sold using AEC. Additionally, AEC is needed to enroll in academy classes, purchase clone insurance, pay for long-distance teleportation, rent production facilities for manufacturing, establish and manage companies, and lease land from the empire. Players can also buy character NFTs on the asset market with AEC.

How is AEC obtained?

  • The simplest way to acquire AEC is by hunting down bandits.
  • You can earn AEC by selling assets you own.
  • Completing missions will also yield AEC.
  • AEC can be purchased directly from the AEC exchange.

How is the value of AEC determined?

The value of AEC is set freely in the exchange market by buyers and sellers. The central bank of Asha Empire can intervene to prevent the market from becoming too volatile. If the value fluctuates by more than 5%, the central bank may step in.

How can AEC be sold on the exchange?

Earned AEC is credited to an avatar’s account. The avatar is free to use the AEC in the game. However, to trade AEC for other cryptocurrencies on the exchange, it must first be transferred from the avatar’s account to the player’s account. The active account on the exchange is the player’s account, so transferring AEC from the avatar’s account requires a related character NFT. One of the uses of character NFTs is to facilitate the transfer of AEC from the avatar’s account to the player’s account.

How is AEC purchased on the exchange?

A player can buy as much AEC as they want on the exchange with Tether or Solana. They can then transfer the purchased AEC to any of their avatars. No character NFT is needed for transferring AEC from the player's account to the avatar’s account.